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SEO Secrets

Basic search engine algorithms secret is to determine your site's ranking in Search Engine Result Pages. In determining the ranking of the query or keyword entered is counting hits fancy. Hits Fancy is located on the five most important elements of basic SEO, and then calculate the other hits. Five basic elements are important in SEO:
One, the key word in the Indonesian language in the link anchor text you are on the title of the site, posting and URL cultivated maximum 72 characters for the search because it ensures full title visible in search results. If you are the target visitors Indonesian people do not make titles in languages ​​other than Indonesian.

Two, the Meta description is a brief overview site for a maximum of 165 characters look a complete description in the search results. Description would be "discounted" copy for the search results under the title, which affects whether you get a click. Cultivated as attractive as possible to influence people visit your site.

Three, unique content, the original minimum of 300 words or more if not you will be hard to get the best ranking, google thinks your item does not have the best quality based on in-depth analysis. Best site originated from the best quality content. Do not make duplicates because google will know based on the total value of all the characters, when approaching a certain amount of coverage will investigate further google your item. Content includes the word in the title, avoid using the word "I" attempted use "you" and "because." Because the use of "you" better appreciate your interest to visitors, "because" is the answer why this happened.

Four, the keyword density is a repetition of the word at least 1 to 5.5 percent. More than that google thinks your site has tried to fool them.

Lima, linking content to other sites are generally accepted as the best search engines want to know you simply connect with other pages and content.

300 words just enough to focus on the five basic elements of this important to provide a satisfactory service to the Google search engine.

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